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'' Tadej Tomšič’s basic musical thought is strongly devoted and dedicated to the world’s and also Slovene’s jazz heritage. His post hard-bop oriented compositions and arrangements follow traditional jazz approach emphasized by a strong sense of swing and aim to achieve enrichment of the sound with a special concern to the audience – an important part of his music approach includes an honest wish to satisfy various musical taste and this honesty could also be the reason for his wide recognition and acceptance in Slovenia and other countries.

Primary a saxophonist and a clarinetist he started arranging for his saxophone quartet called Saxtet with an intention to test and learn about blending the sound. Later his arrangements and compositions reveal affection toward brass. Review of his work disclose the leitmotif of his work - he is drawn to progression in exploring the culmination between different parts of assemble. This communication between the parts imitates life itself: it’s lyrical, sweet, pure, easy in one moment and in another the dialogue can turn dramatic and intense.

The game of contrasts obviously fancies his music personality – the exploration and experimentation with boundaries of the sound that started in reed and brass section, later spread and covered also the other parts of big band. In his primary, ''saxophonic essence,'' one can find the reason that his field of interest has lately become composing and arranging for vocal and big band. It can be said that special strength of Tomšič’s musical expression remains flexibility and openness for any kind of musical piece regardless the occupation, style or genre and a promise that he will treat the composition and arrangements with his all respect to the music. One of the important aspects of his philosophy is putting the listener in the centre of this music process – his attention is often in trial, but he knows that in the end he will be rewarded with some new experience in form of thinking, wondering, analyzing, relaxing … and always enjoying.

The audience has accepted his unique musical expression and expects that he will continue developing his musical vision in seeking ways to even more challenge the depth of instruments and vocal coloration.''

(text by Jazzmind)

Po jezeru bliz' Triglava - Tadej Tomsic Institution ft. Blazka
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