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Tadej Tomsic

''Born in the 70's in Slovenia’s capitol Ljubljana, people immediately noticed Tadej’s gifts for music. His father was a keyboard player and successful local musician. So at 6 years old young Tadej was already performing in the southern part of Slovenia near his home town of Kočevje.

At age 13 he entered a local music school there for clarinet, but left home at an early age to continue his studies at the Secondary School of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana, where he graduated with honors in 1992, majoring in classical clarinet. In these younger years of his life, when other kids were outside playing, he was known to lock himself in the garage and practice clarinet for hours on end. During this time Tadej was also slowly developing a love for improvised music, big bands and he took a chance.

As he proceeded to pass the entrance exam for classical clarinet at the Music Academy of Ljubljana​, Tadej simultaneously passed the entrance exam for jazz saxophone at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria. This chance he took, giving up clarinet and switching to saxophone, would further develop his lifelong love, jazz. 

At that point Tadej bought his first tenor sax, packed his clarinet and left his home country to pursue his jazz dreams. There he received a master’s degree in 1998 with Distinction (Summa Cum Laude).

After graduation he was tempted by many special offers. But what caught his eye and ear the most was a chance to play 1st tenor and arrange for his home country’s Big Band Radio & TV Slovenia. Tadej took this opportunity, hoping to be able to put his special mark on the band, and continue working on creating his own sound. And he has not looked back. In 2005 he was asked to become the primary conductor of the band.

As a sideman he is appearing on more than 70 albums from pop, funk, classical or jazz music. The various projects he has participated in and/or directed include over a 1750 concerts...''


                                                                   (text by ZuZZa)

Po jezeru bliz' Triglava - Tadej Tomsic Institution ft. Blazka
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